Who am I? What do I do?

I´m a German educated medical massage therapist and Heilpraktiker (education for alternative treatment) with 30 years of practice.


1977 state exam as Masseur and med. Bademeister in Hannover

1994 -97 education in Neuromuscular Therapy in Erlangen

1999 state exam as Heilpraktiker in Strahlsund


After a sports accident at the age of 19 I awakened the next 19 years with headaches.

In 1994 I joined a StJohn seminar where I got my treatment and education from Paul StJohn.


It was the first time that somebody was telling me what I was suffering from and not like before when I went to a doctor and told them what my symptoms were – They never believed me and called me a hypochondriac . After a week's seminar at last I went home without headache.

After that I started building my knowledge around chronical pain.

My treatments


Neuromuscular therapy


Mobilizations techniques

Bach remedies


Ear acupuncture

Foot reflex zone therapy


Medi taping

Korean cross taping


I treat children with Kiss syndrome from the age of 6 months.

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