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This treatment gave me a new lease of life after suffering years of migraines and other muscular related problems after my spine and neck got damaged in a car accident in 2006.    I had been going to a physiotherapist 3 times a week over a 3 year period and taking strong pain killers every day. My doctor even gave me antidepressants because the pain was so bad. Despite all these medications and the physio I was not getting better but just stable.   Another health professional recommended Ruth but I just rolled my eyes. I had given up all hope of ever having a good quality of life and I was also tired of false hope from people who just emptied my pockets. But with some persuasion I was practically dragged to Ruth's place for my first two hour treatment.   Already after my first 2hour treatment I felt a marked difference. I could see colors and I didn't have a migraine! I could not believe it. The migraine came back again a few days later but after a few weeks of treatment the headaches became fewer until eventually I never had another migraine again.     I'm not completely pain free but I am able to function in a full job and have other activities. I can say that Ruth's treatment gave me a new lease of life and hope for the future. Conventional medicines and physiotherapy really has a lot to learn from this amazing woman.  I am convinced that if I hadn't gone to Ruth I would have still been lying in bed today and a shadow of myself.   My treatment:  First 3-4 months: 3 times weekly. After that twice a week and eventually once a week. After about 9moths of treatment I needed treatment 1-2 times a month which was an enormous difference from the years of physio. I recommend this for everyone. I've already referred 9 of my friends to Ruth and each every one of them have seen a marked difference.  

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